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    Have you ever noticed how a child picks up things so quickly, yet as adults sometimes it just seems so very difficult to learn anything. This can be helped thru an increase in the learning brainwave state. As young chilren, we spend almost all our time in the learning brainwave state. With this file not only will you begin to learn quickly as you once did many moons ago, but your every new learning will add experience to the last allowing you to pick up things faster and faster.

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    Rating: ★★★★★ (7)
    Length: 22:08
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    I\'ve listened to this now a few times, and I want to ask: How can you sense it has worked? I haven\'t had any change yet, and Id like to know.
    After listening to this file for a while, I\'ve grown to enjoy it a great deal, and it seems to have helped me a bit. Thanks for the file, though if you were to make another, I\'d have to ask for a slight tweak. This file mainly goes about how quickly children can learn things, while adults seem to learn slower. I think it should just be about improving your learning speed, like when it mentions learning stuff in days, sometimes hours, in what would take others months.