• Carsten - Lucid Dreams    
    This file teaches you how to have lucid dreams. A lucid dream is a dream in which you control what is going to happen. You become the director of the dream - as well as the star. Do anything you like in a lucid dream - be anyone or anything. Maybe you want to try being the opposite sex? Maybe you want to fly like Superman. Now is your chance.

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    Length: 15:14
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    I have had trouble remembering dreams for about as long as I can remember, probably about 1 dream every 5 months or so. \nI listened to this file three days ago. The same night I had a dream which I easily remembered and could recall for most of the day, I still have a rough idea what it was about. Last night I had another dream where I was flying (my favorite type), and I was sure I was in control. \nThis is the first time I\'ve had success with a file, and once I woke up from the file, I knew I had been in a trance. The induction was great and I think it was the main reason the file was so effective for me.