• 4HoursSleep    
    After you listen to this file you will find yourself sleeping for 4 hours and then waking up completely refreshed, as if you had 8 hours of sleep. Only listen to this file in bed. Completely Re-Recorded and cleaned up on 07/13/2010

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    Length: 22:29
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    Ah, the first file that worked for me... You'll wake up after 4 hours! Some may feel an urge to get back to sleep again, kind of like when you have slept for 8 hours. ;)
    Out of curiosity, wouldn't it be possible to install a trigger for this, under the same conditions?
    Big fat load of bollocks just like I expected.
    Works perfectly. Used it quite often, not had it fail yet.
    WOW this realy works ! LOVE THIS! and about the trans thing omg i walked out and seen hou cars pass me when i tryed it for the 8th time i could go out and go to shop and even to my work it was dark thear like in bad movies :) i love those things my next thing is uplode them all to a mp3 and lisen when i am in bed :P okey bye :D
    this file is awsome IT REALLY WORKS!!!
    it didnt quite work for me, i slept eight hours, but i woke up feeling great.
    it worked sooo good, when i woke up, my friends asked if I was on crack, i was so happy and hyper. ive been awake for 13 hours after, still wide awake\
    I woke up sleepy
    so....amazing.....i used it and then used it again...so in my normal 8hours of sleep i have slept 16 hours and am super energetic!
    It didn\'t worked out, but it was my first file and I felt clearly something when I heard \"1\" but I remember I was panicking...\nI\'ll retry it later. :)
    Now I really didn\'t expect this to work on me, but it actually DID, went to sleep listening to this at about 2:30am, woke up at 6:54, 4 hours after the file ended playing. Thou I\'m not really sure my body took that as 8 hours of rest, but I\'m still satisfied with the first result
    It doesn\'t work
    Hey, It did work for me, I woke up at least, wrote some stuff on my computer then went to bed again:|\nI was wondering, if I were to listen to a certain song in loop throughout the whole thing, would that work as a trigger? I\'m asking this to experienced hypnotists.
    This file genuinely worked for me! I usually end up staying up late and last night was the latest I\'ve stayed up in quite a long time. I was up till about 5am, I listened to this file, and here I am typing this comment about 40 minutes after waking up at 9am! I feel pretty well rested too. Your mileage may vary but I highly recommend giving this file a try! After all, what do you have to lose?
    This file was brilliant! I suffer with insomnia and this has been the best thing I have come across! Thanks a million!!!