• Girls Scent    
    Smell like a girl you will attrack plenty of men, MMMM you smell sooo Goood

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    I can barely hear someone talking in the background but it\'s completely being drowned out by these weird sounds. I don\'t think it\'s supposed to work that way..
    same as TwinkiePinkie...\nfür mich ist das so =\nnix zu verstehen, offenbar immer das gleiche Gerede, Gebrabbel im Hintergrund, unangenehm anzuhören für mich unbrauchbar, schade
    To the two peoples above/under me, it IS supposed to work that way. It\'s called a subliminal file, which basically bypasses your conscious mind and lets your subconscious mind absorb it better while the former is focused on music or something else.