• Just DO Something    
    If you have problems with procrastinating, this may be the file for you. Listen, as my angelic voice brings you down, to help you to complete tasks sooner and just DO something instead of leaving it be until you fall hopelessly behind.

    Self Help
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    hellion, I have a real problem with this script. Hypnosis should ONLY build you up and fill you with positive energy. I had to shake myself out of this in the middle. I have a real problem with procrastination, and the last thing in this world I want is someone stocking my subconscious with more feelings of shame and self-criticism about it. I can't believe anyone would create a hypnosis session with the words "You will feel shame" in it. I strongly recommend scrapping this one and starting over.
    Funny you should say that because motivational speaker Tony Robbins actually uses a similar method to compel his listeners (or readers) to better themselves, and hopefully lead a successful and gratifying life.
    I\'ve been meaning to listen to this file for years but I never got around to it.
    freshair, shames is not an absolute evil. It\'s a necessary shaping component of the psyche. We are all ashamed of something, and if you say something like that, you most likely feel ashamed most then other.\r\n\r\nOr it\'s a procrastination technique - stop deluding yourself.\r\n\r\nFirst class recording.