• Super Human Mind Subliminal    
    this is the SHM file as a subliminal. I layered it under some music so that it works as a subliminal so that it's easier to listen to than regular files with inductions. let me know how it works

    New Age
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    Length: 09:06
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    I\'ve been using this for a couple of days. It seems to help me focus more, but wondering if any of the SHM file is in since I can\'t make out any of it.
    I really like the music that dionysus put in this file. I\'ve only listened once, so we\'ll see what happens, but whatever the results it\'s a fun file.
    I like the music choice. How did you make the voice silent? Is it as effective as listening to the regular file? Thanks!
    i hear the voice layered under it just cant make out words
    i have fallen \"asleep\" the first time i listened to it , then it should work :)
    Is it safe to listen when you need to stay awake or focused on something?
    Subliminal messages don\'t work.
    I\'m hearing just the same music, but it feels strange, listening to two days, all the free time, and I feel as if my head was spinning, such as by a slight pressure on the head.\nWhat works better and faster ?, this ?, or the original \"SuperHumanMind\"?