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    This file concentrates on two main themes: deliberative thinking, the kind that many don't enjoy but need to do more of. And an idea called hyper learning. This is metacognition and encourages habitual awareness of how one can choose to process information when learning and thinking. rnrnI've stayed away from trendy/new agey notions and tried to keep the language close to what most would easily follow in relation to this topic. The word metacognition, for example, is not use in the file itself.rnrnA mild reference to the term fetish is used early in the file as it the notion of a compulsion to deeply enjoy the type of thinking you find the hardest. As a result, some members may prefer not to use the work. rnrnI've used it repeatedly for a few hours at work and did my best work in an area I really dislike and find hard as a result.rnrnThere is no specific induction - so choose one you like if you need one. rnrnI expect an hour looping once a day in the first week should yield noticeable differences in how you view the world and thinking, conceptualising and methodical problem solving.rnrnIt tries to stay away from making you believe your smarter or any of the positive affirmation style suggestions - I aimed for pragmatic self awareness and deliberative focus. It may work well with the slow time and heightened sense files, once you've used this enough times.rnrnPlease offer feedback if you try it - but to give it a genuine chance, I do think it needs a few hours of usage over a week or two.rnrnI classify it as permanent - time will tell as to whether this is true however!rnrnrnThank you!

    Personal Growth
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    While it is true that there are no real subliminals used, understanding all of what is presented can be a challenge. Interesting application of problem solving and pattern recognition used in the presentation of this file. Will it make you smarter? Maybe if you apply what you learn.Solid file in the self help genre and worth a look.
    Thank you :)