• Improve your writing skills    
    Did you ever want to write stories but were too lazy? Did you ever wish to write epic stories with the last detail ? Then this is for you. This file lets you write your own stories very easily and directly from your mind. Watch as the words flow through you and move to your fingertips and almost magically appear on the screen.....

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    CAREFUL! This shows up to my computer as a binary file, which is a type of executable.
    Rather than an mp3, this shows as being a \".ogg\" which can\'t be played.
    .ogg CAN be played, all you need is the appropriate codec
    Hey guys, VLC Player can play .ogg, or just look up \"Free MP3 WMA Converter\" on download.cnet.com. It\'ll change it to .mp3 or .wma flawlessly. This is a great track!