• Confidence Builder    
    This file builds self confidence, self esteem and helps to conquer fears (real or Imagined) It is recorded using subliminals and voices mixed at different levels throughout. The background uses sounds of tthe countryside, but if you find it too annoying please drop me a message and I will change the background. Designed to be played on a loop overnight.

    Self Help
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    Length: 10:01
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    Is it just me or is the background too loud? It\'s shrill, very high pitched and annoying, sort of like nails on a blackboard :s
    I tried this one as well and had to stop. I really tried, then I listened to the back ground very hard to see what it was. I think it is a rooster that is most of the problem. With it screaming it gets my whole attn and it is very annoying. It almost sounds like a babby cry at some moments and that will capture the attn of any parent. I agree I think the background is to loud as well. Thanks for putting it up I will listen again if the file is adjusted. Hugs Kim
    This file just makes me feel really happy, more confident about myself and helps me achieve goals I want that better myself. However I have not listened to during sleep, I think it\'s too loud for that.