• ASM124 - Virtual MP3 Player (W/Binatural)    
    Have you evern had a song in your head and you just want to listen to it for real?, or just wanted to hear to a song or an album while you don't have an mp3 or an iPod? well, this file allows you to hear in your mind any song or album you want, it's self triggerable and you may listen to it in any moment. The triggers mus be said or whispered. Triggers: ... "<Name of a Song> Play" -> Starts playing ... "Stop" -> Stops and back to normal ... "<Album's Name> Play" -> Starts Playing Album ... "Next" -> Plays the next song of the album you're listenning ... "Previous" -> Plays the previous song of the album you're listenning... With binatural effects for better results. And a long-length induction. Volume: 95db, you may use headphones with mid-volume. Recommended: listen to this file 30 minutes before going to sleep every night for at least a week. Comments are welcome.

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    Length: 30:28
    Downloads: 500
    Trigger(by yourself)
    Obviously not native speaker like I am, but the problem in the poor audio quality and spelling of some words which make the recorded instructions quite difficult to follow. Example: a word "relax" instead of "relax" Also if am not mistaken in English it is correct to say "to walk into a door" or "to walk through a door" "Walk across a door" means you are stepping over a door laying on a floor. The idea is good though.
    My auto correction corrected the example... "Relac" so you know...