• ASM124 - Taste Change (W/Binatural)    
    Have you ever had to eat or drink something you don't like? Maybe you are on diet but you miss the taste and smell and food you really like. This file is intended to emulate the taste and the smell of something you choose, you just need to say or whisper the trigger phrase "Change to <some food/drink>" in front of a dish or drink and whatever you are eating or drinking will taste as <some food/drink>. You may eat a salad and it could taste as chicken, beef or maybe candy, it's your choice. The same happens to the drinks. You could try drinking water or milk with the taste of beer. If you want to taste the dish for real you just need to say "Back to normal", and the effects will cancel. With binatural effects for better results. A medium-length induction. Volume: 95db, you may use headphones with mid-volume. Recommended: listen to this file 30 minutes before going to sleep every night for at least a week. Comments are welcome.

    Self Help
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    Length: 25:08
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    Trigger(by yourself)