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    Carsten version of the file SuperHumanMind. This file is uploaded with the kind permission of HypnoEMG.

    Personal Growth
    Rating: ★★★★☆ (9)
    Length: 17:36
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    Highly recomended, after 2 listens I can already see a difference in my reading abilities, and it sounds insane, but i was mentally able to push small scrap of paper several centameters. My mind is truly evolving. I recomend this over the EMG version because, personally, and this might not be how it is for everyone, but I find his voice on this very soothing, and his method for putting me in a trance much more effective, but thank you to EMG for making the orriganal file in the first place!
    There's just something about this guy's voice that makes me NOT want to listen. I hear his breathing way too much, like he's getting ready to lick my ear or something.
    I've listened to this along with the subliminal when I'm at the gym or walking the dog. I stopped for awhile but recently I've noticed that I know what someone's going to say or do next. I can sometimes mouth what they're saying as they're saying it like it's a movie I've seen so many times I can recite it. My reading has greatly improved. I believe I've also gained the ability to will things to happen or project my thoughts into people and they'll sometimes do what I wanted them to, when in the car I can make my sister turn the other direction and a few times I could be thinking of something and my baby brother would respond to it as if I said it out loud. When I say something will happen and then focus on it happening it sometimes happens. I'm going to continue listening to it I can also make my hands pulsate as if an electric current were running through them. These things may be sheer coincidence but it's worth a look into.
    I listened to this a few times and a little wile ago I think I used the skim reading part. I decided to play Internet hearts. A game I have never played before. I skimmed through a few of the instructions. I ended up winning the game against experienced players =D
    i listened to this and feel that my head is heavier... haven\'t proof the skim reading, or telepathy, and telekinesis... maybe I couldn\'t go deep enough