• SuperHumanMind    
    Attempts to unlock the fullest potential of the brain including:
    1) Telepathy.
    2)Mind Reading.
    3)Skimmed Knowledge (i.e after skimming something they immediately become a master of what they have taken in)

    Self Help
    Rating: ★★★★☆ (6)
    Length: 21:11
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    I'm in awe. I've listened to this 3 times a day for a week so far and last night for s**t's and giggles my friends and I were messing around with those psychic symbol cards and we were all shocked, (even me), when I consistently got one card after the other correct. We stopped playing after about half and hour. It was just too freaky. On hindsight perhaps I should've got a few wrong on purpose because now I think I may have lost a couple of my friends. On the other hand, I have no doubt that this file worked like a charm. I'm going to keep listening and see just how far I can take this. Excellent file! I rate it a 5.
    hmm.. unfortunately im not good at english, but ill try it. Since i have a little mind reading/telecinetic powers on my own to figure out any playing card's color, this might help me lol. I believe in this. =P
    I think this file could cause schizophrenia....hearing voices, the mind reading part...
    2 days of useing this file and it is already working
    any sucess with this? wolfy3000 whats ur results?
    If you ask me, it\'s probably just your conscious mind pulling together disassociated facts to form results similar to actual telepathy and mind reading. Still could be useful. I\'m going to try this one.
    I cant wait to try out this file. Actually I think that the mid reading is very possible. It reminds be of an Edgar Allen Poe story, the one where the guy can \"read minds\" but really, he is genius that he can pick on small social cues.
    I\'m scared to try it because of this comment: \"I think this file could cause schizophrenia....hearing voices, the mind reading part...\" do you think this is possible?
    I think that I am showing a form of schizophrenia because of this file... and like mentioned by others, what is \"read\" is just facts compiled together about a person and then the imagination. I have not been able to skim knowledge either, and that is the main part I wanted to accomplish.
    If EMG could make a reversal file that would be appreciated. I will get in contact with him soon enough to do so.
    can someone make a file includes Skimmed Knowledge only
    Really? Nobody here is trying to use this to: Win at poker, play blackjack, sell cars, or pick up women? Oh wait if you were you need to be an idiot to ever tell anyone. So I just assume all the people who made no comments after downloading are doing just that. Silence speaks volumes, I notice nobody said it did not work.