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    What I done with this one is start with SwimmersBody, and take out all the parts calling it a curse, then take out the parts making your body more like a swimmers and less like a bodybuilder, so that its more of a perfect body file, then I laid SixPackAbs over it and added some effects. The SwimmersBody part of this file still encourages you to work out and encourages you to take up things like swimming, and still encourages perfect skin and some hair loss on the body, but not on the face or head..I use this file to help keep myself focused on cardio exercise, great abs, and fat loss. If this file doesn't belong on this site please PM me and I'll take it down.

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    The swimmersbody part, is it subliminal?
    does it work ?
    I wish people who actually use these files would comment =/
    Great file. Everyday I come home from school and I get an urge to work out. Now I LIKE the burn. Awesome file
    You know how when you work out (particulary your abs) and you get a burn, I get addicted to that burn and work out until I get that burn. I\'d like a sixpack one please!
    As zer0 said, It\'s a strong urge to LIKE the burn. I\'ve been doing an effective exercise into my BodyBuilding routine (Yes, I bodybuild.Been doing so for 5 years) and it\'s doing a situp, but you hold the situp when your eyes become level with your knees and see how long you can hold it for.I used to do 5 minutes then feel the burn highly strong, but now I\'ve doubled and did 10minutes and craved the burn.I felt the determination to maintain the burn so I had more determination to stay.
    I love you so much for taking out the swimmer\'s body part haha.. no homo :)