• Curse Swimmers Body Remix    
    This is a remix of Curse Swimmers Body, I added various effects to it, and put SleepReinforce in there too. Thanks again to HypnoEMG for allowing me to do some remixes.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 10:15
    Downloads: 1117
    I\'ve got a few friendly questions about this file. 1: Does the hairloss occour during the file or instantly after the file or over a matter of time? 2: Does the muscle growth physically appear, does it make you think you\'re muscular or makes you want to work out? 3: Will you have the urge to go swimming or just get a swimmers body? 4: Does the muscle occour during trance, after trance or over time? 5: How long does the 5% body fat take to work? Thanks.