• Swordsman's Agility MP3    
    This file helps to increase metabolism slightly so that the body becomes lighter as a result of less extraneous material. Also tones muscle so that it is still strong but not as bulky and therefore easier to move. Finally, increases endurance to hold through long fights or extended running, works well for runners as well.

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    Length: 22:31
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    any luck on this one guys?
    no i dont know how to even open it
    no for me it doesnt say run for me
    You might be having problems with the apostrophe in the filename, that gets converted to some unicode/html code when you save it. Save the file, change the filename and get rid of the #039; and then try to play it.
    i finaly (after over a year) got this file to work. all i had to get was a beter mp3 player.
    Whenever I play this file, I tend to get a desire to workout, followed by a bit more physical energy. The first time I listened to this file, I wanted to work out all day. I don\'t play this file much, but when I do, it seems to do wonders. Recommend for whomever wants to workout and/or needs energy.