• Sex Positive Trance    
    Content is as follows:rnrnTake a second now to feel and to pausernand with every moment, word and clausernyou can relax deeply into your bodyrnas comfort you increasingly embodyrnrnIt is just so very easyrnto breathe in so deep and breezyrnAs your relaxation is increasingrnand all your tension is now decreasingrnrnat just the speed that for you is rightrnyou can find your body a bit less tightrnJust remember that this processrnall can be completely thoughtlessrnrnIt does not matter what you might thinkrnyou still can deeper in trance yet sinkrnIt does not matter where your mind might gornyou can to where the words take you still flowrnrnAs you continue now to descendrnlet go of all the things you defendrnthat are no longer neededrnand have yourself impededrnrnYou know now that it is just the timerninto a different self to climbrnand as you put on this new skinrngreat new things can start to beginrnrnit doesn’t matter how much or how littlernthat your conscious mind might be noncommittalrnthis is for your mind other than consciousrnfor its deeper desires all to confessrnrnIt does not matter what you might thinkrnyou still can deeper in trance yet sinkrnIt does not matter where your mind might gornyou can to where the words take you still flowrnrnYou can find a place that is beyond judgementrnsomewhere inside you now for your bettermentrnIn every way that for you will be bestrnand in your environment will be safestrnrnConsider the things that are best for yournso no matter what you might want to dornFor while exploring your mind deeply rnyour purpose is to do so simplyrnrnto change your life for the betterrnand not to follow the letterrnof someone else’s instructionsrnno matter what their intentionsrnrnIt does not matter what you might thinkrnyou still can deeper in trance yet sinkrnIt does not matter where your mind might gornyou can to where the words take you still flowrnrnYou can treat yourself as a loved onernand everything that is by you donernwill help you shape your behaviorrnin the ways that you will preferrnrnAt whatever pace might be healthyrnyou can become all you want to bernboth outside yourself and also withinrnyou can leave behind the things you have beenrnthat are no longer useful nor productivernand embrace actions that are more constructivernrnThis is true whether in trance or outrnand it will help you remove your doubtrnabout those things you might want to getrnthat you have not gotten just quite yetrnWith safety you can now take that magic leaprnand plunge into the life that you want to keeprnrnWhere Pleasure, gratitude, and appreciationrnall flow freely and become your new foundationrnfor a new state of mind and state of beingrnwhere many things differently you are seeingrnwith whatever degree of consciousnessrnthat will give you plenty of confidencernrnYour purpose is as simple as it is clearrnto wander along Pleasure’s awesome frontierrnwhere pure pleasure is your sole objectivernin ways peaceful, joyful, and connectivernrnBy moving into and embracing your profound claimrnto this way of being and living in this new framernyou are going beyond your sexual shamernand leaving behind all old degrading blamernrnrnAll the parts of you that are primal and purerncan become the act of sex and will curernthe anxieties that are fading from your presentrnand are being replaced with a stronger cementrnthat glues you to your current sensesrnleaving behind all old pretensesrnrnby reconnecting with your true sexualityrnand putting aside all of your old mentalityrnyou can find all the parts deep in your corernthat become the face of your sacred whorernalong with the parts of you beyond judgmentrnthat experience the sexual as a sacramentrnrnFor it matters not when or how oftenrnyou will come instead you feel a bit Zenrnabout the matter of your crescendornand your peak now all together just flowrnrnNo matter how short or how longrnall is good and nothing is wrongrnBy accepting Pleasure as your satiatorrnnow you have become something special and greater rnrnNow in this moment and state of mindrnPleasure is your Master and is kindrnWorship her with all of your fleshrnand with her soul now you will meshrnrnSo surrender to her all of your focusrnand she opens for you her stunning crocusrnblooming with the scent of sensualityrnrevel in her delicious vitalityrnrnRemember these words and to Pleasure you will returnrnwhenever the time feels right and your fire does burnrnrnHere whether you are male or female matters notrnyou will find that your body is still just as hotrnit is a tool to desire and be desiredrnand by Pleasure you find it is now inspiredrnrnto transcend your thoughts and become pure emotionrnguided by the tide and rhythm of the oceanrnto explore your body and your partner’s perhapsrnas every touch and caress more Pleasure tapsrnrnwashing away the rest of your identityrnas you become all the things you were meant to bernin this very moment here and nowrnlearning that the Pleasure builds and howrnrndeeply entrancing it can be to let gornand let all the wonderful sensations flowrnas you break the shackles of orgasm rnyou learn to embrace each unique spasmrnrnno matter where in your body it might appearrnonly your complete surrender to it is clearrnAs you become your deepest fantasyrnyou just act with pure spontaneityrnrngiving in to every touch and caressrnas your weakness for pleasure you must confessrnnoticing your body in its surrenderrnyou bask in all of its inherent splendorrnrnreaching pure acceptance of this reality:rnyou are submitting to your sexuality rnbecoming one with your natural beastrnand devouring all of your pleasure’s feastrnrnso you will obey to suck, lick, and thrustrnfor it is time to worship and you mustrndrink so deeply from nature’s sweetest cuprnand sacrifice your climax to her uprnrnRepeat the words of worship with me in this momentrnand further yet into Pleasure’s grasp you will be sentrnrnNow in this moment and state of mindrnPleasure is my Master and is kindrnI worship her with all my fleshrnand with her soul now I will meshrnrnI surrender to her all of my focusrnand she opens for me her stunning crocusrnnow blooming with the scent of sensualityrnI revel in her delicious vitalityrnrnI remember these words to Pleasure’s embrace returnrnwhenever the time feels right and my fire does burnrnrnDo whatever is simply necessary-eernto serve her in just the right capacityrnas Pleasure commands all of your bodyrnthere is no line between right and naughtyrnrnShe will help you find love and understandingrnso that you can feel yourself now commandingrnall of your senses through wonderful sensationsrnshaking you all the way down to your foundationsrnrnthrowing off all your preconceptions rnof what might have been your limitationsrnof how little or much you can feelrnas you are lost deep in Pleasure’s zealrnrnShe always has new lessons to teachrnof which to your partner you will preachrnwith each word, caress, and your every touchrnthere is so very little that is too muchrnrnfor both yourself and your partnerrnyou will learn when to go fartherrninto Pleasure’s warm embracerndancing with all of her gracernrnAnd you will also learn when to relaxrnand breathe deeply before the next climaxrnfor there is more for you to have alwaysrnwaiting behind the very next doorwaysrnrnJust give in to each part of your body in turnrnand you will find new ways to Pleasure’s favor earnrnas you grip, suck, nibble, and lickrnyou will feel Pleasure’s distinct prickrnrnSo you will hold on and hold on firmrnas beneath you your lover may squirmrncaught in the grasp of your endless fuckrnyou will from them Pleasure simply suckrnrnRepeat the words of worship with me in this momentrnand further yet into Pleasure’s grasp you will be sentrnrnNow in this moment and state of mindrnI am mastering Pleasure and I am kindrnworshipping with all of my fleshrnand with her soul now I enmeshrnrnSurrendering all of my focusrnNow opening her stunning crocusrnblooming with the scent of sensualityrnrevelling in delicious vitalityrnrnI remember these words to Pleasure’s embrace returnrnwhenever the time feels right and my fire does burnrnrnAs I connect more deeply to Pleasurernand I submit to all of her treasurernI accept her desire to use me for her willrnand yield to her judgment of my worthiness stillrnrnShe is always ready to rise within mernand is ripe with so much possibilityrnwhat form she might take it matters notrnshe satisfies from spot to spotrnrnPleasure teaches me so many lessonsrnthat still within my heart and soul now drumsrneven as I continue to wish to learnrnI do not know for what it is that I yearnrnrnEither with a partner or withoutrnPleasure is beyond reason and doubtrnHer song carries me to another placernwhere I am just a creature of pure gracernrnShe touches me and leads me in her dancernand all of my senses she does enhancernholding me present in her momentrnand to her wishes I become bentrnrnI swim along in Pleasure’s soothing flowrnand where she takes me I do not need to knowrnfor her purposes know no destinationsrnher only reason is the pure sensationsrnrnthat come all so inevitablyrnsweeping everything else beyond mernShe will spill my fluids when she sees fitrnand I will surrender to all of itrnrnI accept Pleasure and become her vesselrnso that deep within me she will always dwellrnLetting her speak through my physicalityrnI become all Pleasure in totalityrnrnRepeat the words of worship with me in this momentrnand further yet into Pleasure’s grasp you will be sentrnrnNow in this moment and state of mindrnI am Pleasure and I am kindrnworship me with all of your fleshrnand with my soul you now will meshrnrnSurrendering all of your focusrnand opening my stunning crocusrnblooming with the scent of sensualityrnrevel in my delicious vitalityrnrnRemember these words to Pleasure’s embrace returnrnwhenever the time feels right and your fire does burnrnrnTake a moment to savor your feelingsrnand to integrate all of the healingsrnthat a positive view of your sexualityrnis now building into your daily realityrnrnas healthier boundaries you constructrnand old preconceptions self-destructrnabout what you thought was possiblernyou have now found yourself more ablernrnto have all the Pleasure that you deservernand you now know how to Pleasure preservernin whatever ways will serve you the bestrnyou will find yourself increasingly blessedrnrnRegardless of what your thoughts beforernyour purpose now you cannot ignorernto feel without barriers to sensationrnyou know is your just holy consecrationrnrnBeyond logic and rationalityrnPleasure will embrace your mortalityrncelebrating your vulnerabilityrnwhen you accept and share your humilityrnrnin being a creature of flesh and bonernyou can now embrace playing a new tonernin the seductive song of Pleasure’s tunernyour harmonizing will now be your boonrnrnhelping you to accept your deeper naturernof which now you know you have become more surernYou will play your part in the world natural rnas just your own very special animalrnrnPleasure is always waiting to with you playrnand is just waiting for the right time of dayrnAs you open yourself wider to all of her giftsrnyou are making room for even more positive shiftsrnrnYou may also free yourself at last rnof whatever bound you to your past rnIf the moment for you is right nowrnfeel yourself going beyond just howrnrnyour limitations came to bernand a fresher you you can seerncarrying you into a better placernas old barriers you can now erasernrnTo a degree that is large or smallrnyou will increasingly hear the callrnof a better place and state of mindrnwith limitations dropping far behindrnrnWherever it is that you wish to gornthe path will be easier to followrnregardless of whether asleep or awakernthese patterns and perspectives will surely makernrndifferences both obvious and subtlernyou know will eventually shuttlernyou to a grander destinationrnnow with less daily complicationrnrnthat will grant more of what you’re looking forrnand less of those things that you might abhorrnso give yourself permission to integraternand let the wisdom of these words propagaternrnso that you can reap all the benefitsrnrunning an internal program that fitsrnyour wishes and your needsrnfeel the change and its seedsrnmaking room for more that you want to dorngrowing up so well deep inside of yournrnNo matter what the path you might choosernyou now know that you have less to losernwhether deeper into trance or coming outrnyou can enjoy more peace of mind and less doubtrnrnSo go now to wherever will feel bestrnwith your mind at ease and much more at restrnback to the rest of your life at lastrnor deeper into pleasures more vastrnrn(c) Karl Ernst Foelsche 10/14/2015rnrn

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