• Train Total Control    
    The listener of this file will be able to gain complete control of all their voluntary and involuntary bodily actions such as their heartbeat, nerves and pain receptors so they do not have to feel any pain, hair growth rate, hormone production, etc. Basically what this file does is unlock all the parts of your brain that werent already unlocked allowing you to control you body utterly.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
    Length: 21:40
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    After listening to this for a couple of days now it is really starting to work I am almost able completely shut off pain recpetors and I can control my heart rate better but have yet to experiment beyond that I definetly recommend this!
    this sounds scary
    Agreed - what if you shut off your heart by accident?
    Start it back up or die? I would assume it would only work with a conscious effort, so you would only shut off your heart if you\'re trying to? In that case, Don\'t be emo. Nobody likes an emo. Anyways, could this work with healing injuries too?
    Sounds interesting, but very dangerous. Controlling how our body works completely with out knowing its needs or necessities, know that our body\'s generally work how they do for a reason. I\'d say proceed with caution at the very least.
    AWESOME.. the perfect file file. it always amazed me you couldn\'t control your all your body.. so far i have less pain and i grew a lot more hair (no more bald spots) thanks EMG you are great make more files like this
    Shutting off pain is not a wise idea--it\'s your body\'s way of telling you that there\'s something wrong, and if you ignore it too long, far worse things can happen.
    I\'d like to know the actual limits of your control. I don\'t think EMG went ahead to make yourself able to shut down vital stuff, such as totally stopping your heart, for instance.
    I don\'t think EMG is a wizard. No amount of hypnosis is going to let you shut off particularly important body functions. -.- Not to say it won\'t help you unlock some of the harder stuff. I learned to dilate my eyes a while ago ;3
    I wonder if this will let me access the Force.....Lool Im a nerd Dont judge me :P
    After first watch, I managed to accidentally turn off my hunger pains that came about from thine own self skipping dinner.