• Carsten - Focused Induction    
    This is my version of HypnoEMGs file. It is an excellent induction for people who are having difficulties going into trance with other inductions. It uses confusion techniques to put you in trance.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 11:45
    Downloads: 2155
    I would highly recommend this induction to those new to this world. I just began in earnest, and I had better results with this file than with any other. This file put me down quickly and completely. Great job, Carsten!
    I must admit I am very much a novice (just started actually) and found this file extremely helpful and really \'newbie-friendly\'. I have used it in conjunction with other hypnosis files and am already seeing very noticeable results, only after a few shorts days.\r\n\r\nWill eagerly recommend this to anybody who wants to explore the art of trance.