• Train Good Soldier    
    This file would increase your patriotism, sense of national pride, and ignorance. You will begin training your body rigorously, following military standards with a growing intent on enlisting and honorably protecting your nation (that is, if you are younger than 39 – otherwise you simply take on the lifestyle). You will maintain a strict upright posture at all times, obey orders, addressing everyone as sir or ma'am. It will simplify your line of thought and reasoning, making every situation appear to be a straightforward issue, black and white, right or wrong, good or evil. You will take a blind faith in your leaders, never questioning authority, in fact you cherish, excuse, and defend their every decision. You will develop a slight twang in your voice, denoting a southern decent. You will maintain a constant military-style haircut. Your favorite pastimes when not working out or playing sports, is watching NASCAR, football, listening to country music and drinking beer.

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    Hi I was looking forward to this file. Is it possible to still download it some how?
    No... Download...
    Patriotism, national pride, and... IGNORANCE?\nBetter think twice - your liberal slip is showing. Soldiers are not stupid.\n(And I\'m not one, but I know enough to at least not insult those who can beat the sh!t out of me. Respect might be something you should learn....)\n\nYou present them as idiots. Bear in mind, \"Just following orders\" didn\'t work at Nuremberg, either.
    @ steyraug96, sorry- soldiers are ignorant; it is the only way people can become irrational killers by just following orders.\n\n